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Video Scriptwriting Service

Scriptwriting services are available for your next sales, marketing, training, educational, or motivational video.

Script Doctor Review Service

We also offer a cost-effective script review service. From your rough-draft script, We will suggest ways to make it stronger, more compelling, more visual, or more realistically matched to your production capabilities. If you choose, we can provide a complete rewrite. And, if you have a finished script, before you commit the big money into production, a second opinion from the us offers assurance that your project will accomplish its goal.

After reviewing the script we will quote a price for a rewrite -- a small price to pay when you consider that your project's success rides on the strength of the script.

Scripting from a Distance

We work with clients in many states. In this era of phone, fax, FedEx, and E-mail, face-to-face communication has become a luxury -- an inefficient luxury at that.


How much is a script worth as a percentage of the production budget -- 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent or more? We find that most corporate/industrial productions budget around 10 percent toward the script. When you consider that the script carries the research, concept, and content of the video, in addition to being a shot-by-shot blueprint of the finished production, the script's 10 percent is the most cost-effective component of the whole production.

Our fees are based on the actual time invested. Script fees for short videos generally average about $150 to $180 per finished minute depending on the size of the project, the video's length, and how much research and development go into it. A price estimate is quoted up front.

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