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Here at RL Design Pros, we offer a full-suite of website programming solutions. We specialize in website programming for ecommerce, database driven websites, and custom applications of all sizes. The use of Internet technology can greatly benefit your website by offering you a multitude of functions. Our programmers will help you find the goals of your website, the audience you want to target and how your website will be maintained. We will also determine how search engines will play a role in your business.

Based on the platforms used for your business we can program in several languages including: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, Classic ASP, ColdFusion, VB, C#, MYSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Java and Flash.

Modern websites use a variety of features including dynamic content, membership databases, interactive forums, input forms, content management systems, e-commerce, secure credit card transactions, information collection, Flash introductions and more. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and make their websites and businesses a success. Although this is our overall goal, we understand that some website owners only have a need for intermittent programming. For this reason, we also specialize in contract programming where we take over only specific and needed tasks. Since many website owners are in need of this sporadic programming help, RL Design Pros has had the opportunity to work with and build a short-term client base. Although the work is irregular, these short-term programming relationships are maintained for future freelance programming work that may be needed.

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